a proposal: silver lake bus

silver lake, a part of los angeles, is a neighborhood of progressives, of environmentalists, of bicyclists, of people who would love to take transit to places, if only there were more options.

additionally, the few transit options that exist are absolutely not helpful for enjoying nightlife. imagine a city where one could take a bus or a train home from a bar and not have to worry about designating a driver. wait, cities like that exist!! why can't the MTA service the lives of those who live here?

for example: there are many bars in silverlake; they close at 2am. if there were a 25-cent DASH bus, an option to take a convenient bus home that ran until 230am, one which served a local population that would benefit from it, many would take it.

here is my proposal for such a bus:

as it is, there are only two buses that go through silverlake:

the 175 bus, through western silverlake, stops running at 8PM, not even late enough to get anybody home from dinner, and doesn't even run on weekends!

the 201 bus cuts through silverlake but also stops running at 8PM!

anyway, that's what i think. metro, are you listening?

/ k / august 28 2010 /

/ updated february 2018 /